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What Does Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration Do?

What Does Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration Do?  President Obama describes his executive action as “new steps to fix our broken immigration system”, but what does it actually do?  It’s estimated that there are 11.5 – 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and as President Obama noted in his speech, these people do not pay U.S. taxes and therefore, do not contribute to the economy. In fact, they actually have a negative affect of the U.S. economy as they often accept lower-than-average wages, which creates unfair competition in the business world and often drives legitimate organisations out of business....

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People with small claims often never get their day in court, even if their case is a slam dunk. Imagine that you are overcharged for a good or service,  and the overcharge was only five dollars, or even $500.  Would you be willing to pay a lawyer $300 per hour to pursue your case?  Do you think a lawyer would take this case on a contingency fee? The obvious answer is no.  And, while a five dollar overcharge may not be meaningful to one person, when a big company overcharges tens of thousands of customers five dollars a month, it...

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Wites & Kapetan Pro Bono Work For The Miramar High School Football Team

Wites & Kapetan Pro Bono case

Wites & Kapetan has a soft spot youth football.  Some of you might remember  when we helped a group of 9-year old players that were denied the right to play on their team a couple years ago. Yesterday, we had the honor to represent the Miramar High School Football Team in Court. The School Board ended their season on November 12, 2014 by not allowing the entire team to play in the state championship playoffs based on unproven allegations against just a few players made by a former coach. We took the case on the morning of November 14, 2014,...

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