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Hurricane Irma Quick Tip: Beware of Contractors Knocking at Your Door

Hurricane Irma Quick Tip From Insurance Lawyers - Beware of Contractors Knocking On Doors

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, you may get a knock at your door and find someone claiming to be a contractor offering to fix your home.  Our advice; end the conversion, and shut the door.  Most importantly, do not sign anything and do not agree to anything.  Here’s four reasons why. First, in the aftermath of a storm, there are unfortunately people who will prey on people in need.  While we are all anxious to have our homes repaired, it is very important that all work is done by a licensed, insured and reputable contractor.  People that go door-to-door...

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Confirmed Tornado Touches Down In Coconut Creek

At least one tornado is confirmed to have touched down in Northern Broward County. If your home or business has property damage from this or any other storm then contact Wites & Kapetan, P.A. immediately. We make insurance companies pay for the full damage to your property.  WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco You can read more about our insurance claims legal division here: http://wklawyers.com/common-cases/insurance-claims-lawyers-for-your-denied-or-undervalued-insurance-claim/ Or Call Us for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation at: 954-570-8989   Why Should I Hire An Insurance Claims Attorney? Insurance companies have large and experienced armies of lawyers, experts, and insurance adjusters....

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WILL MY INSURANCE COMPANY ALWAYS ACT IN MY BEST INTERESTS? You may be disappointed to know that the answer to this question is “No”.  Surprisingly, even though you are paying your insurance company to protect your assets, when it comes to a claim they are looking ultimately to minimize their losses.  This can come as something of a shock if you have never had to deal with a claim before and are expecting your compensation for damages to be full and fair.  Insurance company adjusters typically deal with 100 – 150 cases a month. They are sometimes given bonuses for...

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Why Do You Need A Lawyer To Handle An Insurance Claim?

Why Do You Need A Lawyer To Handle An Insurance Claim? Gone are the days when you could fill out the forms for your insurance claim and simply wait for your losses to be reimbursed fairly and quickly. As far as property insurance goes, you pay a premium to protect your property and reasonably expect any claim to be reimbursed in full. You may be disappointed to find out that the insurance companies look to minimize their losses and pay you the lowest figure that they can. This is why you need to hire your own insurance claims lawyer to...

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What does an insurance claims adjuster do?

What does an insurance claims adjuster do? An insurance claims adjuster conducts investigations into claims covered by an insurance policy. These can be any type of claim, from personal injury to property damage. In property damage claims, the main role of the insurance adjuster is to carry out a detailed investigation into the claim by: – Inspecting the damage – Reviewing any police reports – Speaking to any witnesses – Talking to the property owners Once the investigation is complete, the adjuster will then be in a position to determine the amount of the insurance company’s potential liability to its...

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What should I do if my insurance claim adjustment is too low?

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY INSURANCE COMPANY DOES NOT PAY THE FULL VALUE OF MY CLAIM, OR DENIES MY CLAIM AND REFUSES TO COMPENSATE ME? My insurance company refuses to pay the full value of my claim. What do I do? You do not have to accept the valuation assigned to your claim by your insurance company. You have rights under your insurance company to receive all of the benefits for which you have paid insurance premiums. If the insurance company and its insurance claims adjuster have under valued your claim, you should immediately contact a lawyer to review...

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