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We Know All The Nuances Of Immigration Laws, So Even If Other Firms Have Told You No, We May Be Able To Find A Way. We Love A Good Challenge!

Our Clients Love That We Respond Quickly To All Inquiries And Our Work Is  Both Quick and Meticulous. We Know You Are Hiring A Lawyer To Get Your Situation Taken Care Of Correctly The First Time. And Our Clients Are Usually Suprised To Find Out That Hiring Our Experienced Immigration Attorneys Is Much More Affordable Than They Think! 

Our Immigration Attorneys have represented thousands of good, hard working individuals through the immigration process to obtain legal status in the United States.

Why Hire An Immigration Attorney?

South florida immigratoin attorneyThe reason most people hire an attorney is because the United States immigration system is often a frustrating web of confusing laws and bureaucratic agencies that each have their own rules, policies and regulations.

The United States Immigration Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency charged with all US immigration issues. Obtaining legal status in the US requires more than simply sending forms to USCIS and hoping for the best.  While many non-lawyers, often known as notaries, claim they can help you obtain legal status, it is always best to hire a lawyer.  Only a lawyer can give you legal advice about your situation, what you may be eligible for, and how to best present your application through a lawyer.

Wites & Kapetan, P. A. has the knowledge and commitment to represent individuals and corporations in immigration matters. We have a team of attorneys and paralegals that will be dedicated to helping you reach your goal of legal status. Our multi-lingual staff will be able to assist you in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. We will be here from the start of your immigration process, and we will be here through its completion. We are honored to represent clients from different nations reach the American Dream!

Best Personal Injury attorneys pompano beachWites & Kapetan, P.A. has established, knowledgeable, and reputable immigration practitioners experienced in dealing with United States immigration officials.  The firm has demonstrated leadership and commitment in its support for “DREAMers” through its sponsorship of the “WKPA Dream Scholarships” awarded to local South Florida youth who have demonstrated excellence in their pursuit of their “American dream.”  Marc Wites and Alex Kapetan are both grandsons of immigrants who arrived and pursued their dreams.  The scholarships seek to reward the achievements, and encourage the dreams, of this generation of young immigrants.

The US immigration process is very complex and can take several years to complete. It is important you are represented by an experienced team of professionals eager to help its clients and is committed to your community. Please contact us today for a free consultation or to set-up an appointment to discuss your immigration needs.

We have been helping people obtain legal status in the United States since 1991.  We have been, and will continue to be here, for you and your family.

The Firm Currently Represents Clients Seeking:

Dream Act Petitions

Deferred Action

Student Visas


Green Cards


I-601A Waiver

Visa Extensions

Fiancé Visas

EB5 – Investor Visas

VAWA Abuse Waiver


To Find Out More, Call Us for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation at: