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Wites & Kapetan, P.A. appreciates the time you have spent to visit our website.  We welcome the opportunity to speak meet with you, or to speak via telephone, to determine if we can help you with your legal issues.  Please understand that it is only upon the execution of a written retainer agreement with our law firm that Wites & Kapetan, P.A. becomes your legal counsel.

All legal claims have a deadline by which the claim must be filed.  If you believe that you have a legal claim, we urge you to contact our firm, or another law firm of your choosing, so that you may obtain legal advice before the deadline passes.

* Please note that the reference on our website to the 1 Billion Recovered includes all cases in which Wites & Kapetan has served as counsel, including but not limited to class actions, personal injury and wrongful death actions, investment disputes and other civil litigation matters.