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Truck Accidents

South Florida Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident case is a unique type of personal injury case.

It requires a special knowledge of corporate insurance plans and industry rules and regulations for truck drivers. Wites & Kapetan are truck accident experts and are very experienced in carrying out investigations and litigating these cases.

Reasons for Hiring a Specialist

There are a number of reasons that you will want to hire an attorney that specializes in this type of accident rather than someone that has not had experience specific to this situation. Asking the right questions is the most important part of getting started in your case. Some questions specific to the situation that Wites & Kapetan would need to know are:

  • How long had the driver of the truck been driving without sleep?
  • What does the truck driver’s record look like regarding previous accidents, citations and DUIs?
  • Is there a proper incident report filled out by the truck driver after the accident?
  • Who owns all of the components of the truck? Is the driver the owner, the company they work for the owner and are they the owner of both truck and trailer?
  • Where is the owner of the truck or the company that the driver works for based from?

The answers to these questions can dramatically affect the strategy that the attorney develops for your case. They will use this information to figure out what direction to take and the South Florida truck accidents attorney will know to ask these vital questions.

What to Expect

Meeting with a South Florida truck accidents attorney for the first time might seem like an intimidating experience to some people, especially if they have never hired an attorney before. Remember that the first meeting is a chance for you to interview the attorneys as much as it is for Wites & Kapetan to find out how they can best help you. Be sure to take the time to ask questions of your own. 

You want to choose the right lawyer for the job and know that they are completely comfortable with your case. Make sure that you understand how the process works and what to expect. You also want to be sure that you understand who you will talk to when you need to contact their office and how you will receive progress reports or status updates on your case.