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South Florida whistleblower lawyer

Blowing the whistle on fraud against the government is the right thing to do. When people cheat the government, they are stealing from you and your family too.

Whistleblowers must have courage to step forward and expose fraud on the government.  And if the case is successful, the whistleblower can receive a percentage of the money recovered from the wrong doers.

Whistleblower  cases, which may be brought under federal and state False Claims Acts, are when a private citizen (AKA, the whistleblower) knows that fraud has been committed against the government. (These cases are also commonly referred to as Qui Tam actions).  They may privately retain lawyers and file a lawsuit on behalf of the government. This suit is to recover the losses caused by the government fraud.

The False Claims Act provides a financial incentive for people who are whistleblowers to retain attorneys and come forward to report their discovery.

How do you know if you need a South Florida whistleblower attorney? Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Is there any activity that you have discovered to be illegal and wish to report?
  • Do you know of a pharmaceutical company is promoting the off-label use of drugs?
  • Did you learn that a hospital, doctor or other medical provider is submitting phony charges to the government?
  • Have you discovered your employer participating in any fraudulent practices such as improper billing, double-billing, improper coding, or over-charging?
  • Did you report that you discovered your employer’s conduct is illegal or unethical and now need to protect your job?
  • Did you report any wrongdoing or fraud by your company or employer only to have them retaliate against you?
  • Did you speak out about an injustice and now your financial future is at stake?


Wites & Kapetan can determine if you have a False Claims Act claim. Other situations that might fall under the False Claims Act and for which companies can be made accountable by law are:

  • Sending a false record or bill to the government in order to receive payment for goods or services that were never rendered.
  • Conspiring with someone else in order to file a false claim that is to be paid by the government.
  • Holding on to or acquiring property belonging to the government with the intent to conceal it from or to defraud the government.
  • Creating and/or delivering a false receipt for property to the government.
  • Purchasing property from the government from a person who is not actually authorized to sell the property.
  • Making an outright false statement in order to avoid paying a debt or to avoid delivering property to the government after said debt or property has been paid for.
  • Initiating the submission of a false claim.

Call Wites & Kapetan to determine if you have a case, how you can help our government, and whether and how you can participate in the recovery. We understand that fear and anxiety can sometimes stop us from doing the right thing. Before making a decision, meet with us, confidentially, to discuss your options.