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Business Disputes

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Resolving business disputes can be complicated, confusing and time consuming.

Making sure that you have the assistance of a qualified South Florida Business Disputes Attorney can make all the difference in the world.

Business disputes arise from a variety of contexts, and can involve individuals and businesses, whether a small, medium-sized, or even a large corporation. Some of the disputes that a Wites & Kapetan attorney can assist you with include the following: 

  • Employment disputes and litigation
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, disputes and litigation
  • Business fraud
  • Shareholder disputes

Wites & Kapetan represents individuals and corporations in disputes in which our clients have suffered a financial injury. This includes disputes between corporations, as well as disputes between individuals and corporations. We approach both circumstances by first attempting to negotiate a pre-litigation resolution of the dispute and, where necessary, engage in litigation, including trials and appeals, to obtain the remedy our clients deserve.

Our lawyers have obtained recoveries for, and successfully defended, our consumer and business clients in shareholder disputes, breach of contracts, unpaid commissions, breach of employment contracts, and fraud cases.

We also offer a cost effective alternative to large corporations that may have multi-million dollar claims, but do not have the budget or appetite to pay hefty hourly legal fees to fight the battle.  We enter contingency fee and blended agreements with large corporations when it makes economic sense for the client and our law firm.  

In smaller disputes, we charge hourly rates, and provide the same quality of representation of large national law firms without charging the fees typically of such firms.