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Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action lawsuit South florida

A class action lawsuit is the only way for a large group of ordinary people who have been wronged by a large company to get their day in court.

There is power in numbers. Large corporations are most-often undeterred by complains, or even lawsuits, from just a few individuals.  When large profits are at stake, corporations often view a few unhappy customers and shareholders as a small price to pay.

Class actions allows individuals with common problems to join together in the same lawsuit, and compel large companies to treat their customers and shareholders fairly.

Wites & Kapetan, P.A., is proud to level the playing field between individuals and large corporations by representing consumers and shareholders in class actions.  Marc Wites directs the firm’s class action practice, an area in which he has practiced since his first day as a lawyer in 1994.

Since the founding of Wites & Kapetan in 2001, the firm has exclusively represented consumers and investors in class action litigation.  The firm has served as sole lead counsel and co-lead counsel in many class actions, and participated in national class action lawsuits prosecuted by groups that include the nation’s top class action law firms.

Wites & Kapetan has litigated class actions in a variety of areas, including unfair and deceptive trade practices, defective products, violations of federal laws, such as The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, antitrust, and securities matters. We have obtained favorable settlements in many of these cases, which have caused various industries to change their business practices and products, and provide monetary damages to our clients.

What types of cases are too small to pursue individually but when combined into hundreds or thousands of people that band together are worth pursuing as a single class action lawsuit?

  • A corporation fails to disclose, or misrepresents, material information about its business that misleads investors, causing them to buy, sell or hold stock based on false and misleading information.
  • A drug that they told you was safe to take but has caused similar health conditions in hundreds/thousands of patients. This is often noticeable in pills that pregnant women were told it was safe to take and then their children were born with birth defects.
  • A bogus fee that was added on to your account for no reason what-so-ever. Banks, credit cards and automatic drafts will sometimes try this for small amounts like $10 each so that most consumers don’t catch on until months later.
  • A product that never performs as promised or falls apart
  • A boss that doesn’t pay overtime.
  • A manufacturer that fixes the price on a product, such as a monopoly on certain areas or types of businesses.

To level the playing field, you need an attorney that has experience and resources to battle big corporations. If you would like to discuss whether you have been the victim of an unfair or deceptive practice, or defective product, that might give rise to a class action.  Please call us for a free consultation.