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Investment Loss Recovery

Investment loss recovery attorney South Florida

Have you lost money because of the wrongful acts of your broker or investment advisor, or the fraudulent acts of a corporation or individual?

Wites & Kapetan, P.A., may be able to help you recover your investment losses.

Marc A. Wites has been litigating investment dispute cases since 1994.  In his early years, he defended brokers, brokerage firms and corporations.  Since 2001, Marc has - with rare exception - represented only investors, and uses his experience from both sides of the field to recover investment losses that result from fraud and unfair dealing.

Why You Need an Investment Loss Recovery Attorney

If you suffered investment losses due to one of the following reasons, you may have a claim to recover some or all of your losses:

  • Fraud – an outright fraudulent act may have been the reason that you suffered an investment loss. This might mean that the broker or corporation misrepresented the investment by omitted material information necessary for, or making misrepresentations that prohibited you from,  accurate investing. 
  • High Pressure Sales - pushing you into an "investment" that was not suitable for you, but generated commissions for the broker and brokerage firm. 
  • Churning – trading in excess on your account by your broker for the sole purpose of generating a larger commission for the broker.
  • Unsuitable Investments – recommending or suggesting investments to you that are not appropriate for your particular situation. This might mean pushing you into an investment that is not suitable based on your age, income, investment amount, investment goals, investment experience,  and/or ability to tolerate the risk.
  • Unauthorized Trading – trading investments without the permission, consent or knowledge of the investor ultimately causing you to lose money unwillingly.
  • Outright Theft or Forgery – your broker steals money from your investment account.

What to Expect

Hiring an experienced South Florida investment loss recovery attorney will provide you with the help of someone that has been down the same road before and that knows what to expect. Wites & Kapetan is prepared to develop a strategy based on your specific situation, the specific laws relating to your loss, and their experience dealing with similar cases.

When you first meet with Wites & Kapetan you will want to be prepared. There are several things that you can expect for this first meeting: 

  • We need all of the documentation that you have relating to your situation so that we can analyze your case. 
  • We will ask a lot of questions about you. (Everything that you tell and show us will be maintained as confidential under the attorney-client privilege, even if you choose not to hire us).
  • You will be able to ask questions of the attorney so that you can find out more about our experience and background, whether you have a case, and how the process works.

Hiring Wites & Kapetan will give you the support and direction you need to fight for what you have lost.