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Wites & Kapetan is a firm that you need on your side. I have nothing but good things to say about Marc Wites who went above and beyond our expectations. Being a Canadian resident and finding ourselves in need of an American lawyer, we turned to Marc Wites. Marc was our voice that needed to be heard. Communication was very easy with 2 time zones between us. Marc kept in constant contact, even if just to see how we are doing and would return all calls instantly… at all hours! Marc is a man that takes a personal interest in his clients and will work hard for you. I hope I never will need to obtain a lawyer again in the United States, but if I do, Marc would be my choice again. I will always be grateful to Marc and his team at Wites & Kapetan. Marc wasn’t just a lawyer to us, he has become a family friend that will never be forgotten. Thank you for your voice Marc.

– Angie

Marc Wites really helped me!  Several other lawyers refused to take my case, and one that did gave up on me.  Marc and his firm took my case, and conducted a full and thorough investigation. When they discovered that the other side withheld evidence, Marc pursued an appeal, which we won.  In the end, Marc got me a great settlement.  I am indebted to him.

-Winning Colors

Consumer Debt Relief Testimonials:

Dear Alex, Manny, Leslie and Jimmy: Thank you for your amazing help concerning my debt settlement issues. Alex is the most honest lawyer my husband and I have ever known. His assistant Manny`s personal attention to my legal needs was greatly appreciated. His advice and caring attitude exemplifies superior customer service skills. Jimmy, my case manager explained Wites and Kapetan legal representation and fees clearly and concisely enabling me to trust in WKPA legal services. But the most kudos go to Leslie the supervisor. Her experience, knowledge and legal skills in the area of debt settlement enabled me to make the best legal decision for me and my family. I will recommend WKPA law firm to anyone that requires any legal representation that your firm provides. Please use this message as a testimonial whether online or another venue. Thank you very much for your honest and caring attitude in helping me make the right decision.


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me throughout the last 3 ½ years as I made my way through this process to clean up my debt. Having you in my corner the whole way and you always being available and responsive whenever I needed help or had a question was always a comfort to me. I could not have asked for a better paralegal to have been assigned to my account. I hope you have a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year

– Steven


I deeply appreciate all your help and I’m so thankful that fate stepped in and I chose your firm to represent me! You have handled my accounts with the utmost urgency and professionalism! For that, I will be eternally grateful!



Thank you so much of all your help. Both you and Nicole have been so nice to me thru this whole mess. I really appreciate everything you have done to help me.

– Kristen


I just wanted to let you know that the bank deposited the check and the balance is paid in full. We are finally closing on our house today. Thank you very much for all you and the staff has done. I know I was a pain at times but you go above and beyond. I hope the firm knows just what type of employee they have in you. You were fantastic during my whole process of settlements. Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

– Bud


Thanks to you and all at w&k for a successful completion of the program. It really helped me out of a difficult spot.

– Joe


Dear Mr Wites,

We are writing you to express our deep gratitude for all the assistance and support provided by your law firm in the matter regarding our debt. Clearly, we would not have been able to resolve this matter without the professionalism and expertise of your staff, particularly Dori and Nicole. These two individuals guided us through every step of the process to resolve that legal matter and did so with the compassion, understanding and legal expertise that demonstrated just how committed they are to the practice of the law and your clients.

In all our years of professional and personal dealings, we have not had such “customer service” as was shown to us by Dori and Nicole. Through their support and expertise, they made the entire process of resolving the legal matter less stressful and more productive in terms of resolution of issues. As the principal of the firm, you are to be commended for creating and sustaining a “culture” of “client-centered” service.

With deep appreciation and thanks for all you have done for Joseph and myself we remain ever grateful.

Joe & Stephanie


I am most grateful for all the wonderful work you assisted me with over the last two years. Because of the efficient procedure of all the lawyers I always felt great peace of mind. I am most appreciative of the superb work Nicole exhibited for me. She is certainly a great asset to Wites & Kapetan.

– Laura


You have no idea how great I feel right now knowing that all my debt is gone. Everyone at Wites & Kapetan has been so wonderful throughout the 3 year process. If there is anything I can do to let your bosses know how great you have been, please let me know. You are so good at what you do, and you have exceeded my expectations.

– Elizabeth


A little over 3 years ago, I was struggling to pay my debt. I had several credit cards and a loan. My business went under, and I had no way to even make my minimum payments. I didn’t know where to turn until I received a mailing for Wites & Kapetan informing me of their services.
Just recently my last debt was settled. There are no words to describe how great I feel. All my debt is gone! Everyone at Wites & Kapetan, especially Melvin, has been so wonderful throughout this 3 year process. Wites & Kapetan and staff are extremely knowledgeable and great at what they do. They have exceeded my expectations.

– Jennifer


Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

I take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation. Before I get into the quality of services you rendered, a brief background on me.

I was a client of Marc and Alex, and their firm Wites & Kapetan, during some of the most difficult times of my life. I was the passenger in a single car accident days before my 18th birthday that put me instantaneously in a coma. I was extracted from the vehicle by paramedics and air-evaced to Memorial Hospital West where my lifelong journey of recovery would begin.

After the incident I was in the hospital for 4 months, in therapy for years afterwards and even after a decade am in a continuous trial of self-betterment to attain what I have lost physically. The attention my family and I received from both Marc and his partner, Alex Kapetan, made them more than lawyers, they became family friends. The task of building the case of negligence on multiple parties was an arduous task that took numerous experts in their field a good amount of time against a plethora of defendants and was a colossal task.

Even after our case has closed they have both continued to stay in contact with us and for that, I still feel a certain affinity towards their law firm that, when my parents first contacted them, was but a small organization that has grown into a flourishing enterprise that is a testament to their incredible work ethic and dedication to their clients.

Alexander M.


Marc Wites and Alex Kapetan handled the case of my son who was injured in a car accident. From our initial consultation until the conclusion of the settlement, Marc and Alex worked with us to ensure that we understood the legal aspects of the case and kept us abreast of all of the procedures that needed to be accomplished. They were very informative regarding all aspects of the manner in which the legal case would move forward. There was no question too minute for them. Additionally, they kept us well informed, but they dedicated themselves to relieving my wife and I of any pressure regarding legal issues, thereby allowing us the peace of mind we needed to concentrate on our son’s health.

One incident that comes to mind which reflects how they worked with us was the arrival of a hospital bill for more than $140,000.00! We were shocked, but it was only the first of a series of such bills. They took the bills and said that they would handle them, and they did.

I cannot praise them enough regarding the manner in which they worked with us on the case. Even after the case was settled, they made themselves available to answer and consult with us on continuing legal issues. They are a very professional firm, but more than that, they are compassionate in dealing with their clients, and attribute that is often lacking today.

We could not have chosen a more supportive and professional legal firm for our needs. We strongly recommend them to everyone needing competent, professional, and caring legal support.

Bob C. and Mitsuko M.


Thank you for all you have done for our families, after the tragic deaths of our children. You gave Roger and I hope that no one else would, that Katie’s death and those of her friends would not be in vain.

You were always available to answer questions on the phone, travel to Illinois and visit Roger when he was unable to attend proceedings. Your professionalism was impeccable. Always prepared above and beyond, thru circuit and appellate courts. I will not hesitate to call upon your firm should I ever need representation again. I wish you well in the future.

Pam M.


Thank you so very much for helping us to come to a settlement after Morry’s battle with Legionaries’ disease.  We are very happy that our nephew advised us to use your services.  We cannot say enough about the time, expertise, effort and understanding that you have given us in our very difficult time of Morry’s recovery.  Morry recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and our family is so happy that he is feeling as well as he is now, and that the benefit of the settlement is helping us to enjoy many more years together. We would highly praise and recommend you to anyone that asked.

Morry and Millie N.


The law firm of Wites & Kapetan P.A. is the very best choice you can make when looking for legal representation. My wife and I recommend them highly based on our experience with them having represented us recently. They are consummate professionals who really care about you, and take the time to keep you abreast of any information vital to your case. You can count on the lawyers and their staff to guide you through the entire process, while attending to any of your concerns. They were accessible to us by way of e-mail, phone and in person at the office. We are extremely happy with the results they were able to achieve on our behalf. If you need someone to represent you don’t hesitate call the offices of Wites & Kapetan P.A. Do yourself a favor and take the word of 2 very satisfied clients call Wites & Kapetan P.A. today.

Mario & Kathleen D.

(Mr. and Mrs. D. were seriously injured as pedestrians.  They were struck by a drunk driver while out walking their dog.)


I have worked with Marc on various projects over the past several years. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences working with him and have absolutely no reservations about recommending him to others.

Scott Gilman


I have known Marc for a very long time and we have worked together on many occasions. He has always maintained the ultimate level of professionalism and can be trusted with anything. He is well spoken, discrete, knowledgeable, persistent, and gets results. I have recommended Marc in the past and will continue.

Brian Plewinski


I reticently had the need for an attorney. I certainly felt more at ease making my way through my legal matters with Marc on my side. He had the drive and integrity required to drive the matter to a successful conclusion. He provided me with outstanding counsel. Everyone should have a lawyer like Marc Wites and Alex Kapetan on their side.

David Koplovitz


These testimonials are not intended to mean or imply that all clients will obtain the same or similar results (Florida Bar Required Disclosure).



 I wanted to take the time to write my recommendation and endorsement of the Florida Litigation Guide.  I am a partner at a 30 member law firm, and I have used the Florida Litigation Guide in my own cases, as well as a great tool in teaching the younger lawyers at my firm how to draft a complaint, and defend a complaint.

The Florida Ligation Guide has been an effective tool for me, as it provides me with a simplified way to easily look up the elements of different causes of action I can bring in the myriad of cases I handle.  Also, it has the different affirmative defenses listed, with case law, so that makes it easy to reference the various defenses when I need to answer a complaint.

Lastly, it has been an effective tool for me to be cost effective for my clients, as I don’t have to charge my clients for needless time researching the elements of a cause of action, or the different defenses, as the Florida Litigation Guide has all this information easily accessible.  Therefore, the client saves money, I work faster, and I am able to do the client’s case in the most cost effective way, without having to charge the client for needless research.

I have been using the Florida Litigation Guide for the last five years, and I see that it continues to grow and incorporate more areas of law.  It is an effective and well researched tool that has made litigation easier for me, and several of the lawyers I work with.

Jamie Alan Sasson
The Ticktin Law Group, P.A.


 Even after over 20 years of practice, I find the Florida Litigation Guide to be a tremendously valuable resource.   The Florida Litigation Guide provides both those new to the practice of law and the most seasoned veterans a simple to use road map for drafting pleadings.  The provision of case cites significantly cuts research time, resulting in a considerable savings of time for me and, consequently, fees for my clients. The Guide is definitely my “go to” tool for civil litigation.

Jonathan S. Robbins
Akerman LLP


The Florida Litigation Guide has proven to be an incredibly useful tool in my practice.  When I first began practicing, I would spend hours researching proper causes of action, elements for a cause of action, and case law for lawsuits.  Finding the Florida Litigation Guide simplified everything and helped make me a much more efficient attorney.  The Guide is the most organized and resourceful litigation tool out there for any attorney looking for guidance on preparing a case.

Jordana Sarrell, Managing Partner
Jordana Sarrell, P.A.


Whether you’re drafting a pleading or motion, or preparing for trial, the Florida Litigation Guide is a valuable and efficient litigation resource.

Andrew Vitali III
Homer Bonner Jacobs


The Florida Litigation Guide is an excellent resource.  I will often visit the Guide to quickly review the elements and defenses in various causes of action to assist with evaluating claims.  It is also helpful when preparing motions and responses as it provides up-to-date case law for each DCA, and points you in the right direction for any research.  My time is very valuable, and this Guide helps me effectively utilize it.

Kelli E. Lueckert, Esq.
AndersonGlenn LLP


As a solo practitioner focusing primarily on litigation, The Florida Litigation Guide is an invaluable tool for my practice.  It saves me time on researching statutes, elements and case law, and therefore saves my clients money on billable hours.  I recommend it without reservation, especially to attorneys from smaller firms that need to keep their overheads low, but their confidence high.

Karan S. Nayee, Esq.
Nayee Law, P.A.